About Us

Quality, Pre-Owned Electronics Specialists

Since 2004, Spicket River Electronics has been a standout in the world of used electronics sales. We've sold countless equipment over the years through our 3 eBay stores and our newer retail store in Lawrence, MA. The majority of our electronics come from organizations that have upgraded their IT assets and rely on us to destroy their data, responsibly recycle e-waste and resell units that are still relevant. Our testing department works diligently to make sure that one man's "trash" can be repurposed into someone else's treasure!

Whether you're looking to upgrade an old computer, revamp your small business' networking equipment or replace a broken tablet, Spicket River Electronics has you covered. We get new products in almost every day, and we're constantly putting whatever we've deemed worthy online for loyal shoppers. That means there's always a wide selection of something for you to choose from.

We realize that buying used electronics can sometimes seem like a bit of a gamble, especially online. That's why we aim to make the experience as straightforward as possible. We guarantee that anything we sell is going to be exactly as we describe it, otherwise we're happy to take it back for a full refund or get you set up with a replacement. If you ever run into anything unexpected, our techs are here to help.

When it comes down to it, buying used electronics is a smart, responsible choice. You're saving yourself money, preventing perfectly good equipment from ending up in landfills, and supporting small, green businesses like ours. Thank you so much for checking out our shop - we hope you have a great experience, and please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions!